Get even more out of your Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes me is your key to the digital world of Mercedes-Benz and to many valuable functions.
Mercedes me Discover a digital world full of possibilities. Do you want to get more out of every journey with your Mercedes-Benz, or make life easier for yourself? No problem, with Mercedes me ID, our Digital Extras and the Mercedes me apps, you are always connected to your vehicle[1]. You experience even greater comfort, service and safety, even when you're not sitting in your Mercedes-Benz.

[1] A personal Mercedes me ID and consent to the Terms of Use for the Mercedes me connect services are required to use the services. The vehicle must be also paired with the corresponding user account. Upon expiry of the initial term, the services can be renewed for a fee, provided they are still available for the corresponding vehicle at that point. First-time activation of the services is possible within 1 year of initial registration or operation by the customer, whichever comes first. The conclusion of a data contract for a Comfort data volume from a third party is also necessary. Alternatively, depending on the generation of your multimedia system, a data volume must be available over the internet in the car or, if possible, your own data volume must be used through tethering.
    Mercedes me apps Mercedes me App

    Connect to your Mercedes-Benz and set up the home screen of the Mercedes me App so that you can find your favourite functions even more quickly and easily. Even if you just want to check your tyre pressure or know how far your fuel tank or battery charge will take you - with the Mercedes me App you can keep an eye on your Mercedes-Benz at all times.
    Mercedes me apps Mercedes me Store App

    Find all the Digital Extras for your vehicle without a long search in the Mercedes me Store. All new apps or information are clearly displayed here, just like your terms and contracts. Of course, you can also easily renew them here.
    Mercedes me apps Mercedes me Service App

    Mercedes me Service is your personal assistant when it comes to your Mercedes-Benz. For example, the app reminds you in good time about your next service check, and takes care of booking an appointment with your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer almost by itself. How-to videos also provide helpful tips on maintaining and operating your vehicle.
    Mercedes me apps Mercedes me Eco Coach App

    Mercedes me Eco Coach is your personal trainer for environmentally friendly driving, helping you to drive even more efficiently, combining sustainability with fun and rewarding you for environmentally friendly driving, parking and charging.
    Mercedes me apps Mercedes me ENERGIZING App

    Use Mercedes me ENERGIZING to connect your Mercedes-Benz Garmin Venu 2® and 2S® smartwatch or many other Garmin models. You can use the app to track your pulse rate and see it on the media display. Based on the data, your Mercedes-Benz recognises whether you are stressed or tired, for example, and suggests relaxation or activation programmes.
    Digital Extras for business customers Discover the digital product world for business customers: take advantage of our Digital Extras for your commercially used vehicles and stay connected to them always and everywhere. Button
      MBUX Voice Assistant "Hey Mercedes"

      Talk to your Mercedes-Benz and get to know your vehicle as you've never experienced it before. The MBUX voice assistant listens to what you say. Without having to learn commands beforehand. This Digital Extra is already installed in your Mercedes-Benz before you start the engine for the first time. All you need to do is activate the MBUX voice assistant in your vehicle or through your service management. Your vehicle reads text messages out loud, checks the weather at your destination, finds the fastest route or the perfect radio station - "Hey Mercedes" is all it takes.
      Smart Home Integration Control your Smart Home by voice command from your Mercedes-Benz.

      Stay conveniently connected to your Smart Home while travelling - through the MBUX Voice Assistant in your Mercedes. Operate products from Smart Home providers easily and quickly by voice control. This way, with just one enquiry, you can check whether you have also closed all the windows - while keeping your hands safely on the steering wheel and your eyes on the traffic. And on the way home, issue a brief announcement to make your home perfectly ready for your arrival. Register now to activate the MBUX Voice Assistant service. You can then link your account with your Smart Home provider to your Mercedes me account.
      Digital Extras That certain extra for your Mercedes-Benz. Rediscover your Mercedes-Benz and enjoy even more comfort, service and safety with our Digital Extras. Use your smartphone to operate your vehicle remotely. Customise many functions of your Mercedes-Benz, always keep an eye on your vehicle, charge it more conveniently, and much more.